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If you’re having renovations done at your home, you might want to consider hiring a portable ensuite. This gives you the bathroom amenities you need while the renovation work is completed or it can provide bathroom facilities for the tradespeople so that they don’t have to use your facilities. Here are just some of the benefits of a portable ensuite in a construction site.

benefits of portable ensuite in a construction site

1. Protect Your Privacy

When you’re having renovation work done and there are likely to be multiple tradespeople at your construction site, hiring a portable toilet for construction workers will allow you to maintain your privacy and stop them from traipsing through your home. 

2. Increases Productivity

If the tradespeople you’ve engaged are reluctant to use your facilities or your bathroom is being renovated, they’ll have to go off-site to find public facilities that they can use. Often this can waste valuable time, especially if you’re in a residential area and there’s nothing convenient nearby.

3. Provides The Amenities You Need

Renovations to your bathroom can pose a range of difficulties. After all, you still need to answer nature’s call and have somewhere to shower on a daily basis. Hiring a portable shower and toilet combo can easily solve these problems.

4. Provide A Cost-Effective Solution

A portable shower and toilet is fairly cost-effective to hire, especially when you need these facilities while bathroom renovations are being done and your home looks like a construction site. Remember that you’re hiring a complete bathroom, not just a portable toilet.

5. Can Save You Money 

Often, when homeowners are having renovation work done on their bathrooms, they may decide to move out and stay at a hotel nearby. But this can become quite costly if the renovations are taking longer than expected. In this situation, a bathroom hire is going to save you money because you won’t have to move out for the duration.

6. Waste Disposal Is Easy

Once your construction work is completed and you no longer need the portable ensuite, the waste gathered is pumped directly into your sewer. This makes waste disposal easy and fuss-free.

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