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Our premium portable toilet & shower hire are just what you need for
your next event, function or extended family gathering.
You’ll love the quality fixtures and fittings in our portable
showers that are just as comfortable as your own bathroom.
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Our Luxury Portable Shower Hire Comes With High Quality Features

When you hire one of our luxury portable shower units, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the fixtures and fittings that we include in all of our units. These include

Vanity Area

All of our units have a separate vanity area with a lovely porcelain basin, clean and spacious vanity top, large towel rail and mirror. Plus, there’s a mixer tap for hot and cold water.

Large Shower

Our units include a full-size shower with a non-slip base. There’s also a mixer tap and recesses to hold soaps and shampoos.

Dual Flush Toilet

Our dual-flush toilet is both functional and stylish. The cistern is behind the wall, giving the area a nice clean look.


The walls of our portable shower and toilet units are fully insulated to provide a comfortable and temperature-controlled environment.

Hot Water

Our units all have their own gas hot water system to ensure that you have access to plenty of hot water for your shower.

Natural Light

Our portable shower and toilet units are filled with natural light for your comfort and well-being.

Service Area

No matter where you are in greater Melbourne or beyond, we can provide a portable shower and toilet hire for your next event. We cover the whole of Melbourne as well as the Mornington Peninsula, the greater Geelong area, the Yarra Valley and all of Gippsland.


We make the portable shower hire in Melbourne process as easy as possible from start to finish



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Book your portable shower and toilet hire on your preferred dates



Our qualified technicians will deliver your portable unit and set it up for you



Once your event is over, simply phone us to organise a suitable pick-up time

Standard Site Requirements

Our site requirements are fairly simple. We need the following to set up your portable shower and toilet:

  • A flat area to position the trailer
  • Access to a 10 amp power supply
  • Access to a garden tap for the water supply
  • A sewer point or septic tank within 25 metres of the position of the unit
  • Easy and unobstructed access to get the trailer in and out

Hire Our Portable Shower & Toilet For Any Event

Bathroom & Home Renovation

Now there’s no need to stay at a motel or with family or friends when your current bathroom is undergoing a renovation.

When your internal bathroom is undergoing a major renovation, we can deliver one of our portable bathrooms to your home and place it in a convenient spot such as at the top of your driveway.

Our expert team will then connect everything to ensure complete usability and comfort. We’ll connect the portable toilet to your sewer or septic system and run a freshwater hose to your garden tap.

Set-up takes less than an hour and we can assure you that you’ll be completely happy with the premium fixtures and fittings that you can enjoy until your new internal bathroom is ready for use.

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Extra Guests Staying

Having extra guests is fun except when it comes time to use the bathroom. Take away the stress by hiring one of our premium portable bathrooms.

If you’re having guests staying over the festive season, make them feel extra special by providing them with their own personal ensuite. And, they’ll definitely be impressed with our luxury portable bathrooms that exude both style and comfort.

One of our portable bathrooms is the perfect solution for keeping everyone happy and making sure that their needs are taken care of. In fact, your guests will feel so much at home that they may never leave.

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Building & Construction Sites

If you’re managing a building or construction site, you can provide your staff with the ultimate in amenities with our portable bathrooms.

Why settle for an ordinary porta-loo when you can provide your workers with a comfortable portable bathroom that’s both clean and hygienic? Our portable bathrooms can be delivered to your site and set up quickly.

Plus, when construction is complete, we’ll come and take it away again. You’ll also have the convenience of choice when it comes to a portable bathroom including one with a full-sized shower for when work gets really dirty.

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Glamping & Camping

Why just go camping when you can go glamping instead by adding the luxury of a portable bathroom that offers all the comforts of a hotel suite?

Enjoy the best of both worlds by spending time in the great outdoors but without having to forego the convenience of a proper bathroom. Our portable bathrooms are just perfect for that special outdoor adventure when you don’t want to go without the comforts of home.

Apart from being expertly fitted out with all the necessities, our portable bathrooms have nice extra touches such as privacy locks and soft, cotton hand towels to make your outdoor adventure just that little bit special.

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Commercial Events

Why just go camping when you can go glamping instead by adding the luxury of a portable bathroom that offers all the comforts of a hotel suite?

With our portable bathrooms, you can rest assured that everyone at your event has a great time and will appreciate the extra luxury of a well-appointed bathroom. After all, no one really relishes the thought of using a more traditional porta-loo, do they?

With our portable bathrooms, your event attendees will look at you with greater respect because you’ve considered their comfort when organising and planning your event.

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Planning a wedding is both fun and exhausting. Let us take care of one important aspect by delivering a portable bathroom to your venue.

Whether you’re planning your wedding reception at home with a large marquee or you’ve decided to hold it at another outdoor venue, your wedding guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you provide them with the comfort of one of our luxury bathrooms.

And, the good news is that we take care of everything for you, from delivering the bathroom, setting it up at the venue and taking it away again. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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Are you planning a large party at home? Worried about guests traipsing through the house to use the amenities? A portable bathroom is the ultimate solution.

When you’re planning a major function in your backyard at home, the last thing you want to worry about is guests wandering all around your house looking for the loo.

You can easily solve this problem with a portable bathroom. Our super comfortable and hygienic bathrooms will keep your guests happy and your house clean.

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Make your festival even more memorable by hiring our luxury portable bathrooms for the ultimate in comfort for all attendees.

The one thing that most festival attendees enjoy the least is using those traditional portaloos. So, why not make your festival stand out from the rest by hiring one or more of our premium portable bathrooms instead?

Our bathrooms are designed to resemble an indoor bathroom with all the high-standard fixtures and fittings included.

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Sporting Events

Not all outdoor sporting venues have adequate facilities. You can remedy this with a high-end but affordable portable bathroom.

Our portable bathrooms have all the conveniences of an indoor facility and can be delivered and set up at your sporting event by our highly trained staff.

Plus, when the event is over, we’ll come and take it away again and you won’t have to do a thing. What could be easier?

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On location Filming

Our portable bathrooms are the perfect solution when you’re filming on location. Your actors and other staff will appreciate the comfort and exquisite fittings provided.

When you’re filming on location, there may not always be amenities nearby. This is when you need to consider hiring one or more of our portable bathrooms. They’re very affordable and offer the same kind of luxury as hotel suites.

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Medical Sites

It’s important to have clean and hygienic amenities at medical sites and our portable bathrooms are absolutely perfect.

We ensure that our portable bathrooms are spotlessly clean, comfortable and always, one hundred per cent hygienic. What’s more, our team will deliver the bathroom, install it correctly and then take it away when it’s no longer needed.

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Did you know that your insurance may cover the hire of a temporary bathroom if your home has been damaged by a natural or man-made disaster?

If your home has incurred any type of damage such as from a storm, fire or flood, your bathroom is likely to be unusable. Instead of moving into temporary accommodation, you should check with your insurance company to see whether they cover the hire of a portable bathroom.

This means that you can still stay in the undamaged section of your home while having the convenience of on-site amenities.

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Benefits Of Using Us

  • We provide luxury portable shower and toilet hire that is affordable
  • Our team delivers the portable unit to your site and sets it up for you
  • We take care of all the connections to water, electricity and waste removal
  • Just a simple phone call will have us come and take the portable unit away again

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