Emergency/Temporary Portable Bathroom & Toilet Hire Through Insurance

If your home or business premises has suffered damage from natural or man-made disasters, it may be possible to hire an emergency or temporary portable bathroom and toilet through your insurance company while the damage is being repaired.

Renting a portable bathroom and toilet will allow you to continue to occupy your premises, thereby causing minimal disruptions to your day-to-day activities.

When Can You Possibly Claim For Hiring A Portable Bathroom And Toilet Through Your Insurance?

Common insurance claims that may include the cost of hiring a portable bathroom and toilet can arise from incidents such as storm damage, flood damage, fire damage, accidental damage or even malicious damage.

Check with your insurance provider under the temporary accommodation schedule of your insurance policy.

How To Claim A Portable Bathroom And Toilet Hire Through Insurance

In the event that your home or business has sustained damage that is covered by your insurance, make sure that you ask your insurance provider whether your policy covers the hiring of a portable bathroom and toilet.

Most insurance companies should cover this if you’ve been displaced due to an act of nature and it may also be possible if your home or business has sustained damage from any other incident that is covered by your insurance.

The provision for portable bathroom and toilet hire or even portable shower hire should be set out in the temporary accommodation section of your insurance policy.

Melbourne Portable Bathroom Features

  • Different hire options for different needs
  • Portable bathrooms with functional layouts and fashionable decor
  • Portable bathroom and toilet with quality fixtures and tapware
  • Portable shower and toilet with luxury fittings
  • Portable shower hire on its own trailer
  • Quick and convenient delivery and installation of your portable bathroom
  • Fast and clean removal of the portable bathroom when the repairs are complete

Transport And Delivery

Our portable bathrooms are on their own trailer and this is towed behind one or of our vehicles to your site. So, there are certain site requirements to ensure that we can access your property and leave the unit for your use.

For example, the site access must be relatively level such as a regular driveway and it must be easy to access without any obstructions. Other requirements include a 10amp power supply, and mains pressure water and sewer point or septic.

This will allow us to empty the unit before removing it from your property once all of your building repairs have been completed.

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