Hire Agreement

Prior to taking possession of the equipment, the lessee shall deposit with lessor a security deposit of $350 as security for the equipment and may be used to repair any damages caused by lessee to the equipment for the duration of the lease.  Lessor may apply part or all of the security deposit toward additional rent and to repair any damage to equipment caused by lessee.  Lessor is not limited to the security deposit amount and lessee remains liable for any balance. A condition report detailing any damage will be issued upon delivery.

Hire is to be paid in full prior to delivery.

Melbourne Portable Bathrooms are fitted with a toilet suitable ONLY for disposal of toilet paper and human waste.  You must not flush feminine hygiene products, contraceptives, baby wipes, razor blades or any other foreign objects down the toilet.  Misuse will cause damage, which is both inconvenient and costly to rectify and will rescind your deposit.

The lessee agrees to provide sufficient unobstructed space for delivery, installation and removal of the equipment and access to such space (read site requirements)

Prior to the time fixed for removal of equipment  the lessee shall remove all personal property placed within the equipment by lessee or any other party.  Melbourne Portable Bathrooms will not be responsible for loss or damage of personal property.

If the lessee breaches any terms or conditions of this agreement lessee shall forfeit any deposit as permitted by law.

By paying the security deposit, you are agreeing to the above terms.

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